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The department of Zoology is considered to be one of the prestigious departments of esteem institute Brindaban Government College, Habiganj. This department opened its door to the students of B.Sc. Honours in 1998-1999 session. In 2014- 2015 session, Master’s program was subsequently opened under the National University. The basic concentration of the Graduation and Masters program covers the following subjects Animal Diversity, Comparative Anatomy, Environmental Science, Evaluation, Zoogeography, Palaeontology, Genetics, Ecology, Demography, Family Planning, Limnology, Oceanography, Embryology, Animal Physiology, Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Cytogenetics, Cytology, Biostatistics, Research Methodology, Genetic Engineering, Biotechnology, Fisheries, Entomology, Wildlife Biology etc. The Seminar Library of this department is very rich with thousands of books, publications, journals, paper etc. The department has also more than 100 microscopes, necessary chemicals and equipment’s to carry on research work. Moreover, it has also multimedia classroom and internet facilitates to make use of information technology. The greatest asset of the department is its museum. There are about 200 species of Invertebrate animals, 80 species of fish, 10 species of Amphibians, 20 species of Reptiles, about 30 species of Birds and Mammals, Rare specimens of the museum are Peripatus, Petromyzon, Exocoetus etc. Some invaluable and rare specimens of slab, model, slide, skeleton & embryo have enriched the museum. These invaluable materials may be used as raw materials for further research. Excursion is compulsory for all students which gives a practical experience besides the traditional theoretical class-room learning. The students of Zoology are also known for their excellent academic results and extracurricular activities like- Zoology Olympiad, Debate, Science fair, cultural program, games & sports, essay competitions. This has been possible due to untiring efforts of a group of efficient teachers and employees of the department.

Name Designation Joining Date
Jasmine Chowdhury Chairman 10-31-2018
Ripon Chandra Dhar Lecturer 05-02-2017
Md. Jahangir Hasan Lecturer 09-03-2018
Suman Chandra Paul Demonstrator 06-01-2017
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Jasmine Chowdhury


Ripon Chandra Dhar


Md. Jahangir Hasan


Suman Chandra Paul